Saturday, February 28, 2009

Invitation to Attend Our Sayonara Fellowship for the Mills Family

After fifteen years of adventure and doing ministry in Japan, Tony and his family are set to leave the country in the coming days. Together with Ka Min and their two sons, John and David, they are going back to Adelaide, Australia.

The fellowship in their honor will be held after the International Service at 17:00, 1 March 2009.

Please return to this blog site for more news later.

I hope to hear from you too!

Pastor Joseph

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Night to Remember

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There were 25 people who attended last night’s fellowship. Jake De Guzman, my brother-in-law (still single and available) started the fun with a unique “Pull-the-string Game.” That is, men were ushered first inside the fellowship room while the ladies waited anxiously on the other side of the room, adjoining the worship hall. The latter had to tie a red string around their wrist while each man chose and pulled a string, revealing their “surprise” dinner date.

The dinner was simple yet satisfying. Thanks to Hayato Fukui, Pastor Keiko Murakami, Hisayo Miyasaki and my wife, Jo Ann. There’s spaghetti, garlic bread, fried chicken, veggies and ice cream for dessert. Chocolates? Lots of it! The table-setting included a red rose and a bottle of assorted sweets for everyone to guess the number of pieces in it and take it home for a prize. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly while an audio-video presentation of the old song “Where Do I Begin?” was playing in the background.

Leena Fukui (South Africa) shared insightful thoughts about the main theme of the night: LOVE. Her husband, Hayato-san (Japan), translated for her. It’s interesting because there was a question during the panel discussion with this couple (together with Jo Ann and I), concerning interracial marriage. In love and in God’s perfect will, there are no boundaries …

We sang, played, and listened to a beautiful solo rendition of “Who Am I?” by Cerrone Cabanos (Philippines). Laurel Ryan (USA) skillfully emceed. We finished way earlier than Cinderella’s almost midnight escape with acknowledgments, prayer and a photo session. Other nations represented in the event are Canada, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand.

Oh, you should have seen the decoration! Thanks to Rika Ha (South Korean) and Naoko Matsunaga for the hanging hearts all over the room.

All’s well that ends well. Kudos to everyone!