Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Case You Missed It

A Summer to Remember

It is a bit disconcerting to write this blog quite belatedly. However, as the title goes, I literally have to remember some of the details to write this narrative.

Some two weeks ago we did something in the international service that we don’t usually do (never done it under my watch to be specific): a party prior to a worship service! In the church garden!

Well, it’s the last Sunday of August and we wanted to approach the coming month with a bang. Actually, it’s Keiko-sensei’s idea that we do the program outside the church sanctuary. The weather that week was unpredictable with the possibility of rain. I was skeptical at first, but later gave in to her suggestion. The rest is history.

The program started with a prayer, some songs and games. Who says that Christians don’t know how to enjoy some fun? It’s laugh-out-loud for everyone with every move and antics recorded on video for future reference and for posterity’s sake.

Imagine yourself with a pack of “hungry” (read: modest) people ready to devour (read: first-come-first-serve) every bit that jumps from the grill. Meat, vegetable and seafood are in abundance to whet everyone’s appetite. The scent of kimono-clad women is replaced by the tinge of barbecue. I surmise that the most popular drink that night was mugicha (barley tea) although other non-alcoholic drinks were also available. To top it all, there was kakigori (flavored shaved-ice) for everyone to enjoy.

As the sun finally rested its eyes to sleep, we proceeded to the second part of the program, which was solemn and worshipful. My wife, Jo Ann, led the singing and Cerrone rendered a special song, characteristic of his soulful style. Trey Rowzie shared his heart-warming testimony of how he received God’s grace during his wondering and wandering years before Christ found him. Moreover, for the sermonette I delivered that evening, it was all about the lighter side of Jesus’ life on earth entitled, “What Else Did Jesus Do?”

It’s important to note here that fellow missionary Hayato Fukui did a great job of translating all the proceedings of the program. His spirited and meaningful expressions are truly remarkable. Likewise, all who volunteered to make the said event a success deserve a real kudos. Some 94 people graced the occasion.

Kindly check the other link in the church website to see some of the photos.