Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 2010 Update


We are seeing the exodus of many foreigners living in Kyoto beginning this month. From our congregation alone, we bade goodbye to four people, namely: Jason Brown, Kevin Otsuka, Elisse Ota (all three are from California, USA) and to Curtis Peters (Canada). We specially appreciate the help of Jason and Kevin to our worship ministry as they played musical instruments and sang for us.


Since we started our once a month Filipino service in February, we have seen their numbers steadily increase. Their presence is not only seen in the services and during fellowship, but also in helping out our special events. The Lighthouse English Café patrons were treated to a cultural experience when the Pinoys did a slideshow about the Philippines, performed a traditional dance and served halo-halo, Philippine-style kakigori (crushed ice dessert with lots of other ingredients). Yum!

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