Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Time for Every Activity Under the Sun

While the heat of summer scorched the city, many people from our congregation had taken time to escape and relax elsewhere. My family, including.

It doesn’t mean, however, that nothing significant happened in the home front. We still had our regular activities going and going and going. We even had Chill & Grill, a summer barbecue tradition in the church garden. This year, 101 adults and children attended it. Some wore yukata (Japanese summer wear). There were games and an ample supply of kakigori (shaved ice and flavored with fruit syrup). A worship service capped the whole event with many non-Christians in attendance.

Though without a bang, a new discipleship group has started meeting on August 26th. Brother Swee Ho, a surgical doctor from Singapore, has agreed to lead the four young men into deepening their relationship with God and being accountable to each other through Bible study and other spiritual disciplines.

More information on our other initiatives are found and updated in the English website,

Please continue to pray for our upcoming events such as the retreat on October 8~10 and the speaking engagement of Rev. Dominic Yeo, the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre and the current General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Singapore on September 25th.

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