Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Resurrection is Not a Myth!

Silence is hibernation, digitally speaking. Being off the radar for nine months is like going through a prolonged winter season or being kept in a time capsule. It's like being buried without the resurrection.

Now that I mentioned the resurrection, I came across this blog by Lee Strobel, which is definitely worth recommending. If you care to know that the basis of our faith is not devoid of rhyme or reason, here is a good support of that claim.

Well, not writing a blog for a long time doesn't necessarily mean that I haven't left any online footprint elsewhere. I still maintain several social network accounts as well as multiple email addresses. I must admit though that not all sites are created equal. In my experience, I tend to focus on some things for a time and just revisit the others from time to time.  (My apologies for some delayed or unanswered messages.)

I would like to mention here that the stats show many people accessing our church's website and by extension, this blog. I hope that those who read it find the information they need in a timely manner and  also be blessed in the process.

It would be a stretch to say that this article is a form of "resurrection." I would be content to say instead that it is waking up from seasonal hibernation. Like a grizzly bear in Alaska or the lowly tortoise in Dr. Kihara's garden, I'm raring to get going.... Wish me (bleep) Oops, pray for me that I would be given inspiration to write something sensible or at least, something amusing. :)

Maranatha! (Even so, come Lord Jesus!)

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