Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prayer Request

It usually comes and goes with the season. Cough and cold affect many people, especially children and the elderly, during this time of year. However, there is news circulating recently that new strains of influenza have been detected and they seem to be more dangerous if not outright fatal. In China and in other parts of Asia, cases of bird flu deaths have been reported. In Japan, several deaths were also in the news blaming it on flu, but there's no confirmation yet if it's from the said deadly virus.

I ask everyone to please pray for protection and healing for those who are affected. I hope it's nothing serious, but my son Josh is down today with flu. Likewise, Tim is still recovering from it after having it for a week already.

Likewise, simple hygiene (frequent washing of hands with soap) can prevent the spread of virus. I'm not a medical doctor, but conventional wisdom shows that early treatment of symptoms and seeking medical help could prevent more serious forms of illnesses. Please take care of yourself.

Remember: It's an act of worship to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to God! Offer it to him healthy and without blemish.

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