Sunday, May 3, 2009


I've been busy with my new "baby"!

NO! Not a crying, diaper-wetting baby. I mean the new social network I've created. It's actually a prayer network called Japan Prayer Link (JPL for short). That's what's keeping me busy lately: moderating and answering questions and messages from all over the world.

The challenge for me is to keep ideas flowing. Writing for me as a hobby is also an exercise to keep in touch with the creative side. Inspiration is a necessary motivation.

We'll what else is new?

Yesterday (Sunday, May 3rd) was our 10th international service anniversary. My co-worker, Keiko-sensei and I stumbled upon our church records and discovered a few weeks earlier that this event was forthcoming. Needless to say, we had to prepare a special program for the occasion and a customary celebration after the service. We didn't have enough time to promote it though.

The program's other features (in addition to what we usually do on regular Sundays) included a reading of the church's history, a presentation of the Senior Pastor's vision for the local church and a testimony from a living witness through the years of AKC ministry, and a special song rendered by the YA Sunday School Group.

The food was distinctly Japanese except for the leche flan (pudding) that my wife cooked. Thanks to the faithful and supportive ministry of some ladies (and men too!) in the church.

(Photos of the event to follow)

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